Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I have felt compelled to come back to this place so many times this year just to write and think and record.  See this all started as just a soundboard for my thoughts and the happenings of our day to day but somewhere I got swept up in that day to day and had to leave the documenting behind.  I have missed it, mourned over the things I might not remember, and told myself that some seasons in life require simply living in the moment.  Some seasons are so vibrant they are sure to be remembered. 

The season of our life has changed so much this year and while it has brought so much busy it has also brought so much joy and excitement.  We moved late this summer into a newer, much larger space that has been such a blessing to our family.  Words can not express the utter joy and excitement these last three months have brought settling into our new home.  As strange as it sounds this new place we call home has changed our family immensely.  A season of contentment, peace, and thanksgiving. 

Our boy is magical these days.  He is changing so much and I struggle to hold onto the baby he once was.  He is the primary reason I find myself compelled to come back here to write.  I want him to know how brave he is, how smart and determined he is, and just how independent he is becoming.  I want him to know that he has his Daddy's fun loving spirit and sense of humor and his Mommy's determination and meticulous nature.  A season of discovery, laughter, and maturity. 

Oh he is so brave...I can see that he is nervous, maybe even a little scared of this or that, but that doesn't deter his curious nature.  He wants to see that spider he found in the yard, and maybe even touch it.  He wants to go see the "spooky" decorations and often the spookier the better.  Oh my little thrill junkie, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

 Meticulous is for certain, and opinionated as well.  While carving pumpkins this year he chose his own pumpkin face, had to make sure it was "silly!"  He was quick to bring me the IPad so he could hop on Pinterest just like Mommy and with a little help select a cute little silly face to put on his "punkin."  Thank goodness Daddy can freehand like a champ or we could have been in trouble.  And as Daddy and I carved all the while he gave his assurance we were doing a good job with a gentle "yeah" or "good job" every now and then.  Nothing beats his proud face when he walks by that pumpkin every day, takes a glance, and gives a little grin.  


Our life is calming again, the newness wearing off and a sense of familiarity creeping in.  We are settling into patterns and with them a new season.  A season of comfortable, of optimism, and of hope.  And as much as I love this space, all its memories and stories, another colorful season too busy to write and record would be just as cherished as one less occupied. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Favorites

A year end recap of Mommy's favorite photos...can't believe where this year has taken our family and how much our little boy has grown. 





I hope 2012 brought your family as much joy and happiness as it did to our family.  I end each year feeling more blessed than the last.  Many hopes and dreams for the 2013 year for this little family, can't wait to see what it brings!!

Happy New Year!!


My Snow Bunny at 21 Months

Jackson is just a little over a week shy of 21 months but with this latest snow and our very first opportunity to show Jackson what snow is all about I decided I could post a little early for once. 

Here is our little snow bunny playing in the snow for the first time at 21 months...

His expressions are priceless!!

Jackson is very much into music this month.  He is getting very good at singing songs and dancing.  He knows all of the actions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Wheels on the Bus."  He is singing phrases out of the songs and we can't forget the resounding "YAY!!!" at the end of each song.  He also loves to dance around the room to lots of different kinds of music.  It's no surprise with as much as his Daddy loves music that he too would love music. 

Jackson's vocabulary is exploding!!  I am amazed at the words he can say and his ability to communicate.  He can speak in small phrases and he repeats every single word I say.  Even more than his speech he is able to comprehend so much better this month.  He seems to understand the most complex things like when I am stressed or sad.  He comes over to me and loves on me and looks at me in the face very intent on my expressions. 

Big boy is growing strong weighing about 28 pounds, about 33 inches tall, size 24 month clothes, size 6 extra wide shoe, and size 5 diaper.  He is an agile little thing, running fast, and jumping like a pro.

Jackson continues to show his independent side wanting to dress himself, brush his own teeth, even get his own snack or drink.  He still loves to help as well and was sure to shovel the snow with Daddy. 

Toys he likes this month, post Christmas, are his tool bench and drill, his choo choo trains and tracks, his Woody doll, and his new puzzles.  He continues to love to be physically active.  He will wrestle and make all kinds of crashing boy noises.  He cracks me up when he gets out a couple of cars and bangs them together making crashing noises.  He saw a gun toy playing with one of his cousins over Christmas and I was astounded when he picked it up and made shooting noises while pointing it.  He has never seen a gun and I had no clue he would just know what to do with one. 

Pink cheeks means its time to go inside...he gave me quite a fight getting back inside.

Hands down favorite part of this month...my little boy learned to pray!!  He folds his tiny hands at the dinner table and each night before bed.  He listens quietly while we say the prayer and then at the end he says Amen.  It warms my heart reading to him out of his Bible each night and saying prayers with him.  I hope I am raising a sweet God fearing little man that will lead his family well someday. 

We love this little boy and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't have us laughing and smiling at each other in pure delight. 


Christmas 2012

Our Christmas 2012...One of the best Christmas seasons my husband and I have ever celebrated.  The magic, the tradition, and the surprise left me with such pure happiness and joy. 

In the days leading up to Christmas Jess and I relished in all the traditions we have enjoyed year after year and added a new one or two. 

Our Polar Express date night with hot cocoa and sugar cookies was a huge hit.  Jackson was completely mesmerized by this movie and his excitement over the magic made me so very happy.  Through the entire movie he kept making these surprised faces and looking at me with these bright eyes.

Seeing the lights at the park is a tradition we have celebrated for several years.  Last year we made our way through the line with a snuggled up sleeping baby in the back seat.  It is hard to believe that just one year later Jackson was sitting on my lap in amazement. 

Our Christmas flowed just as many have in the past, Christmas Eve at my parents, Christmas morning at home, then to Grandma B's, and finally back to my parents.  The days are busy but oh so fun!! 

As with most things these days it was all about Toy Story and Choo Choo trains. 

Meeting Woody for the first time...
Trains have taken over our house...

And a new bike that he calls his "sickle bike"

Jackson was very excited Christmas morning seeing his new tool bench from Santa.  He played and played...in fact it was a bit difficult to get him to move to something else once he saw a gift.  He wanted to play with each thing for a bit and then move to another present.  Good thing we only had three wrapped gifts for him or it could have taken us all day. 
Good Morning Sweet Boy!!


Our family Christmas morning...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


20 Months

His December post (I have been behind on photo edits)...

Wow!!  This month has flown by.  With the business of the holidays upon us I barely recognized this as a month.  It has felt like a week or two. 

Jackson is enjoying the Christmas season to the fullest.  We have been doing all kinds of fun activities to prepare like shopping, and baking, putting up the Christmas tree and wrapping gifts.  One thing we enjoyed this month was baking a batch of sugar cookies and decorating them with icing.    This showed me how much his fine motor skills have come along lately and ever since Jackson will ask for a cooo-kie at all hours of the day.  He can do many activities without much help these days. 

The newest thing Jackson is doing this month is joining his words together.  He can say many two word combinations like "Jackson up" or "more please."  My favorite new words are "luh you," and when he says those magical words my heart melts.  His vocabulary continues to expand and he can interact with language in a whole new way.  He watches what you are saying very carefully and thinks about it before reacting or responding. 

Jackson is obsessed with helping out Mommy and Daddy.  He likes little tasks like throwing something in the trash, putting away his toys, and stirring something I am going to cook.  He likes to feel like he is involved in everything!! 

Jackson spent about two weeks this month really testing his limits and throwing some massive fits.  It seemed like every night he would get upset about exerting his independence and it would spin out of control.  He would spend the whole night upset and easily thrown into a fit.  Those evenings ended with Mommy exasperated on the couch upset and Jackson into bed early.  It is so frustrating to feel like the time you get with your little one is spent in such an uproar.  I am glad we are finished with that little phase. 

Another thing we have been enjoying this month are art projects.  When we are home together we do a project each day.  He really likes to color, paint, and work with STICKERS!!  He really loves stickers the best.  He knows when we are going to have art time and he goes to get out all of his stuff.  He sits very still and quiet while he makes his masterpiece.  When he is finished he will babble on and on telling me what he created.  I love that he has a creative side and I hope to expand it this next month with playing with some play-doh. 

Christmas is on the Horizon and I have never been more excited!!  I know it is going to be a blast this year!!