Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I have felt compelled to come back to this place so many times this year just to write and think and record.  See this all started as just a soundboard for my thoughts and the happenings of our day to day but somewhere I got swept up in that day to day and had to leave the documenting behind.  I have missed it, mourned over the things I might not remember, and told myself that some seasons in life require simply living in the moment.  Some seasons are so vibrant they are sure to be remembered. 

The season of our life has changed so much this year and while it has brought so much busy it has also brought so much joy and excitement.  We moved late this summer into a newer, much larger space that has been such a blessing to our family.  Words can not express the utter joy and excitement these last three months have brought settling into our new home.  As strange as it sounds this new place we call home has changed our family immensely.  A season of contentment, peace, and thanksgiving. 

Our boy is magical these days.  He is changing so much and I struggle to hold onto the baby he once was.  He is the primary reason I find myself compelled to come back here to write.  I want him to know how brave he is, how smart and determined he is, and just how independent he is becoming.  I want him to know that he has his Daddy's fun loving spirit and sense of humor and his Mommy's determination and meticulous nature.  A season of discovery, laughter, and maturity. 

Oh he is so brave...I can see that he is nervous, maybe even a little scared of this or that, but that doesn't deter his curious nature.  He wants to see that spider he found in the yard, and maybe even touch it.  He wants to go see the "spooky" decorations and often the spookier the better.  Oh my little thrill junkie, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

 Meticulous is for certain, and opinionated as well.  While carving pumpkins this year he chose his own pumpkin face, had to make sure it was "silly!"  He was quick to bring me the IPad so he could hop on Pinterest just like Mommy and with a little help select a cute little silly face to put on his "punkin."  Thank goodness Daddy can freehand like a champ or we could have been in trouble.  And as Daddy and I carved all the while he gave his assurance we were doing a good job with a gentle "yeah" or "good job" every now and then.  Nothing beats his proud face when he walks by that pumpkin every day, takes a glance, and gives a little grin.  


Our life is calming again, the newness wearing off and a sense of familiarity creeping in.  We are settling into patterns and with them a new season.  A season of comfortable, of optimism, and of hope.  And as much as I love this space, all its memories and stories, another colorful season too busy to write and record would be just as cherished as one less occupied. 


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